Fixed Focus Classes

Providing students with more choice in how how they spend their time at school


Fixed Focus Classes

Providing students with more choice in how their time at school is spent.

From year 9 onwards, our students can personalize their timetable by selecting one or more of our fixed focus classes.

.These must be undertaken alongside compulsory subjects. Fixed focus classes change every semester to boost skill development. Some of the classes on offer include:


Art helps to improve a person’s physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. Students experiment with colours, textures and objects in craft-based tasks to support self-awareness and regulation.


Students transition to the kitchen to learn basic culinary skills. They also receive a bound recipe book including dishes they’ve created.

Information Technology and Games

Technology lovers are provided with basic to intermediate skills in Microsoft Office programs and different internet platforms and engage with educational games and resources.


Our media students are placed in the shoes of industry professionals as they study, analyse and interpret documentaries, stories and feature films from different genres.

They also engage in practical experience by learning techniques to produce their own content.


Designed for hands on workers, trade students work on manual focused projects. Under the guidance of experienced trade teachers, students develop and maintain skills in tool use and building whilst developing a conscious for industry specific workplace health and safety.

Outdoor Education

This class is well suited to sport fanatics and nature enthusiasts.

Students are encouraged to boost health and fitness levels by partaking in activities both individually and in groups.

Students are also presented with the opportunity to go on an annual OE camp where they are challenged to greater develop their communication and interpersonal skills including leadership, responsibility and initiative.