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Wellbeing Support

The Academy offers wrap-around wellbeing support for students to ensure they are best supported to meet their education goals.

We combine both therapeutic services, health services, and student support services to help our students fully engage in their education journey.

Our Wellbeing Team comprises of a senior social worker as Wellbeing Manager, a part-time social worker, full-time school psychologist, full-time Behaviour Support Officer, and a part-time Cultural Engagement Support worker.


Our Wellbeing Team

The Wellbeing Manager provides case management to students, can conduct therapy with students, refer students, and work with parents/guardians and staff to find the best strategies to support students.

Our Social Worker works with students, families, and staff to identify resources needed to remove social barriers and enable students’ full participation in their education. This includes well-being check ins and ongoing counselling with students, and assisting with mental health, behavioural, social, and academic concerns in consultation with teachers and caregivers, including external referrals.

Our Behaviour Support Officer (BSO) triages students when they arrive in the Student Services office from classrooms. The BSO is also available to attend classrooms to support students in moments of crisis or when they require a bit of extra support. Our BSO also works with parents/guardians on strategies to motivate students to attend school.

The Cultural Engagement Support worker (CES) works with our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students. They provide support on engaging with education, school attendance, and providing cultural understanding and resources to staff. They are also an important link between the school and our indigenous families and communities to ensure we can provide a safe, inclusive, and culturally responsive school environment.

The school Registered Psychologist provides ongoing therapy and some assessment services for our students. Students can self-refer or be referred by Wellbeing Team staff for support addressing various mental health concerns and diagnoses. They are also able to provide staff with understanding of mental health presentations and strategies to best support students in class.

We have a Clinical Psychologist attend the Academy two days per week to provide both ongoing therapy and assessment services. Where a need has been identified, students will be triaged by the Wellbeing Manager and referred to either the social worker, psychologist or clinical psychologist for support. The Clinical Psychologist can provide assessment services which assists us in both identifying supports to provide within the school but also outside of the school for support in the community.

A Paediatric Nurse Practitioner from NursePrac Australia attends the Academy every Thursday. Nurse Practitioners are Registered Nurses who have undertaken Master’s degree level study and have the experience, expertise, and authority to diagnose and treat people with a variety of acute or chronic health conditions. Students can be referred by Wellbeing staff or can self-refer for an appointment with the Nurse Practitioner to address health concerns they may have. The Nurse Practitioner can also facilitate referrals to other health professionals (such as paediatricians, specialists, or optical, dental, or audiology services) and can diagnose and treat a variety of health conditions on campus. The Nurse Practitioner assists us in providing ongoing health care for our students.

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