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Fixed Focus Classes

Fixed Focus classes are Communicare Academy’s version of electives. To ensure our students have well rounded life-skills, the Academy runs a selection of Fixed Focus classes each term. These classes focus on a variety of general life skills or special interest areas and offer students the opportunity to try new things and learn new skills.

Students in Year 7 and 8 have 1 Fixed Focus option per week. Students in Year 9 have 7 Fixed Focus options per week and students in Years 10-12 have 11 Fixed Focus options per week.

Some classes run every term and others swap each term. These are a few of the current Fixed Focus offerings:

Exploring a variety of art techniques and styles, students can create independent or group pieces which we exhibit around the campus.

Students can choose to do badminton as a team sport class where we often compete with other local CaRE Schools.

Students can choose to do basketball, a team sport class where we often compete with other local CaRE Schools.

Boxing Fitness is a fun yet vigorous exercise class available for students who wish to work on their fitness and personal discipline.

Run by our VET Coordinator, students will explore career options and develop employability skills.

Cooking teaches students basic kitchen skills and simple recipes that they can take into adult life.

Students can work on a variety of different craft activities and perhaps find a new hobby.

FitBit allows students to utilise our small gym for circuit and strength training.

Students are able to go to the Gosnells PCYC next door for some gymnastics coaching once per week.

For students who enjoy drama and public speaking, Improv helps students work on a variety of improv skills and prompts.

A fun class run once per week where students can sing together, build confidence and support each other.

A pre-driver education program through SDERA that allows students over 15 years of age to learn about safe driving and sit their Learner’s Permit Theory Test at school.

Students view a variety of films, documentaries, and series from different genres and analyse the technical and narrative components.

Students are able to analyse different styles of music or learn to play the guitar through some basic lessons.

With a different focus each term, the students participate in different off-campus physical activities which build both physical capacity and personal strength.

Self-improvement focuses on different aspects of personal growth and reflective practice.

Students can choose which sport they wish to play and our physical education teacher runs through the basic rules and techniques of the game over the term.

A variety of different strategic games such as Chess, Dungeons and Dragons, or WarHammer, where students can work together on both the game and their interpersonal skills.

This class is an opportunity for students to develop skills in the STEM learning areas using our robotics and 3D Printing resources as well as a variety of other activities.

Run off-campus once per week, students take part in Tennis lessons at the Thornlie Tennis Club.

Volleyball is a team sport class where we often compete with other local CaRE Schools.

This fixed focus class is an opportunity for students to spend some extra time on their certificate work and receive additional teacher support.

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