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Child Safe Commitment

It is Communicare Academy’s highest priority that we provide an environment where children and young people are safe. We want all young people within our care to be safe, happy, heard and have choices.


Child Wise Accreditation

Communicare are a Child Wise Accredited Workplace.

Child Wise Accredited

Child Wise Accreditation means that our policies, procedures and culture have been independent assessed as compliant with the National Child Safe Principles. These principles ensure that at all levels of our organisation, the safety, wellbeing, rights, culture and voice of children has been considered.

Our Accreditation is a demonstration of Communicare’s commitment to providing a safe environment for children and young people.


Our Child Safe Code of Conduct

Communicare have developed a Code of Conduct for how staff, Board Members, contractors and volunteers should act around children and young people. The Code of Conduct outlines rules and expectations that all Communicare Academy stakeholders must follow. It also outlines how to raise issues and the process for any Code of Conduct breeches.

Read our Code of Conduct


To ensure the Code of Conduct is accessible for young people, we have created Child and Young Person friendly and Easy Read versions of the Code of Conduct.

Child and Young Person Code of Conduct

Easy Read Code of Conduct


We also have a version for designed for Parents and Carers.

Parent and Carer Code of Conduct


Where to have your say

We want all students to have their voices heard. If you have concerns, you can talk to your teachers, our Principal, a family member, a friend, members of our wellbeing team, or any other adult you feel comfortable sharing with. We will always listen to you.

If you wish to say something about Communicare Academy, you can use Communicare’s Child and Young Person online feedback form. You will never get in trouble for making a complaint. 

Child and Young Person Feedback Form