Student Services

The hub for our high quality student and family support services

Student Life & Wellbeing
Student Life & Wellbeing

Student Services

Bolstering the emotional and social wellbeing of our young people.

Our supportive staff are focused to aid students with self-regulation and re-engagement in education. Each member is equipped to provide pastoral support that recognises and respects the uniqueness of each individual.

Some of these services includes:
  • Two full-time Social Workers available to support students and their families
  • A full-time Registered School Psychologist available for appointments with students
  • A Clinical Psychologist one day per week to assist with assessments, therapy, and strategies for staff
  • A Nurse Practitioner one day per week available for appointments with students. The Nurse Practitioner can refer to other medical professionals, assist with health concerns, and offer staff strategies to support students
  • An Aboriginal and Islander Education Officer who supports and advocates for our indigenous students and their families
  • A Student Support Officer who manages the Student Services area, triages students, and books appointments with other members of the team
  • A “Chill Zone” for students to access during times of high stress where they can debrief with staff
  • Facilitating restorative communication after an incident
  • Referrals to support agencies for students and families
  • Support for parents and carers

Making Contact

For more information, please contact our Academy on (08) 6350 1872 or