Fundraising Activities

Proudly participating in worthy charitable causes

Our Community
Our Community

Fundraising Activities

Instilling the importance of community and charity in the heart of our school.


Fundraising engages our young people with charitable activities in their local community to encourage civic participation. By helping others, our students develop insight into the realities of our world and understanding of the broader community they are part of.

International Literacy Day

Our academy participates in a special fancy dress event each year to raise awareness for International Literacy Day. This is a celebratory day acknowledging the importance of literacy as a fundamental skill for people all around the world.

Staff and students dress up as their favourite fictional characters and a special assembly is held for people to communicate the meaning behind their character of choice. This in turn introduces new fictional stories for our students to read.

The World’s Greatest Shave

The Academy has supported the annual World’s Greatest Shave since 2015, raising funds for the Leukemia Foundation to drive advancements and improve the quality of life for those living with blood cancer.

Our students have made personal donations to the cause in the past, with some donating their own hair to be made into wigs for people with leukaemia to use.

Other Notable Events

Our Academy has participated in a number of other charitable events or awareness raising days such as; The City of Armadale’s March Against Family and Domestic Violence, Purple Bra Day, Epilepsy Awareness Day, White Ribbon March, and others which students have admired or felt strongly about.