Our Vision

View the values that steer our school governance and culture.

Our Academy

Our Vision

View the values that steer our school governance and culture

Our Values

Hope – Creating optimism and hope for the future.

Opportunity – Creating opportunities to learn, to share knowledge and experience, to grow and advance.

Perseverance – Leading with courage, passion and determination to overcome challenges and reach and achieve goals.

Equality – Recognise, respect and value people’s differences to contribute to and realise their full potential.

Our values of hope, opportunity, perseverance and equality underpin our commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of all our students and, Creating Futures together.

Our School Principles

  • With support and opportunity, every young person can have a positive future;
  • Our education encourages, challenges, inspires and develops young people;
  • Relationship is the basis of our education;
  • Students learn once they trust the people in their environment;
  • The Academy strives to be a reliable part of students’ lives;
  • All of our staff lead with courage, passion and determination;
  • Every young person has a right to be heard and is worth the effort;
  • Staff strive to show respect to each other and to students and our community;
  • We succeed as students realise they are worthy of our time and compassion.

Our Priorities

The Academy’s main strategic priorities are:

  • School Environment: create a safe physical school environment that ensures our students feel safe and connected;
  • Classroom Learning Resources: provide engaging and optimum learning resources which energise our students and their motivation to learn;
  • Student Engagement and Wellbeing: continue developing our Student Services to incorporate best practice models and holistic wellbeing services;
  • Community Partnerships: develop targeted community partnerships which support student work experience, employment, networking, and community building opportunities.

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