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Our Academy

Our Initiatives

An overview of the activities we engage in and the causes we champion.

A White Ribbon School


Our Academy became an accredited White Ribbon School in 2018 by engaging in the Breaking the Silence Program.

This program focused on developing the Academy’s programs to include respectful and safe relationships for students. Staff were also upskilled in responding to disclosures of Family and Domestic Violence and understanding the issue, while also working towards building a safer and more respectful school culture.

In 2019 Communicare Inc. purchased White Ribbon Australia and now coordinate the program across Australia. Communicare Inc. has long been a strong advocate for Family and Domestic Violence survivors and operates a women’s refuge as well as Australia’s only residential service for men’s behaviour change in relation to Family and Domestic Violence.

Child Safe Organisation

To demonstrate our commitment to the safety and wellbeing of children, and meet the requirements of registration standards for non-government schools, our Academy has committed to becoming a Child Safe Organisation.

The Academy is committed to the safety of all children and young people. Our ability to protect children and young people while supporting them to grow, learn and flourish is central to their safety and development. We want children and young people under our care to be safe, happy, have choices and be heard.

We have no tolerance for behaviours and actions that impact the safety and wellbeing of our students, we take allegations and concerns very seriously and respond to them consistently and in line with our Staff Code of Conduct, Child Protection Policy, and Mandatory Reporting laws.

Youth Star


Youth Star is a family of tools supporting and measuring change when working with young people, and enabling our academy to measure and summarise change made by a students with different needs.

The Star is also a coaching tool providing students with a clear picture of their personal journey to success; creating manageable steps and plotting their progress along the way. 

The Youth Star maps progress towards a future where our students are actively engaged and contributing in ways that are meaningful to them.  It covers six key areas:

  1. Making a difference;
  2. Hopes and dreams;
  3. Wellbeing;
  4. Education and work;
  5. Communication;
  6. Choices and behaviour.

Our Academy works with students to identify each of these areas before creating a plan to identify areas of development. 

We have developed and created personalised resources to help support the discussions that take place and to ensure that information is always correct and accurate.