Boys embrace the BIG Programme

The boys in the BIG Programme have had a great Term 3 and a very productive year so far.

The boys in the BIG Programme have had a great Term Three and a very productive year so far.

The lifting performance of every student has improved tremendously. This has been reflected in more disciplined attitudes towards training, helping their team mates and modelling positive behaviours inside and outside the programme.

Some students have even set themselves the challenge of coming in early in the morning at 8.00am to make use of the gym before the start of class. Trainer, Christian Gee drew up a 5-day training split for these students and they have been sticking to the programme and seeing great results.

They’ve discovered the benefits of working out in the morning, managing their time effectively, following better eating habits and just having an awesome time with their training buddies.

An excursion to Shalom House was also conducted and some younger students outside the BIG Programme also attended.

The boys participated in a fun game of soccer with the Shalom guys, listened to inspiring stories of battles against addiction and enjoyed a huge BBQ cooked by the Shalom team. Well done guys!!!
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