Learning Support

Resources available to students seeking additional support in literacy and numeracy


Learning Support

Offering support to our students who may be struggling in the areas of literacy and numeracy.

Our teachers can support students individually or in small groups to better prepare them for real life scenarios after school including employment conditions, resume building, spending habits, debit and credit cards as well as telephone and banking systems.

Other learning strategies offered to students include:

  • A set routine which includes spelling activities, word recognition, and daily guided reading
  • Reading comprehension and text processing strategies
  • Scaffolding and modelling of writing
  • Tasks broken down into smaller achievable segments
  • Online literacy games such as “Learn English Teens” and “Fun Maths" for High School
  • Resource materials to assist in developing foundation mathematical concepts;
  • Intensive literacy and numeracy support small groups
  • Education Assistants in all junior classes
  • Education Assistant for senior students alongside intensive small group
  • Flexible timetables

Making Contact

For more information, please contact our Head of Teaching and Learning - Navit Shchigel at nshchigel@communicare.wa.edu.au.