Extracurricular Activities

Encouraging students to experience adventures outside of a school environment


Extracurricular Activities

Break from study with a diverse range of sporting and recreational opportunities.

Our extracurricular activities provide students with opportunities to build their skills outside of the classroom.

We aim to open students up to new potential interests that they would not be exposed to in an academic environment, which in turn helps them to broaden their perspective of the world.

Outdoor Education

Our Outdoor Education classes equip students with life skills such as leadership, initiative, effective communication, problem solving, perseverance, teamwork and respect.

Our students gain a deeper understanding of their environment through activities that enable them to learn camp crafting skills, increase their fitness levels and develop both self-awareness and awareness of others.

Our students can participate in activities such as: sailing, hiking, bike riding, kayaking, orienteering, abseiling and rock climbing. This program has been an extremely effective and practical way of encouraging positive role models in our school community.

From Year 9 onwards Outdoor Education is optional for students.

Physical Education

Our Physical Education classes are an opportunity to show our students how keeping active can be vital for overall health and wellbeing.

Our students can participate in sports such as: Basketball, Netball, AFL, Badminton, and Indoor Soccer. In each lesson, students learn about basic skills, game strategies, tactics and key concepts for the respective sport.

Physical Education is a compulsory subject for all students.

Sport Teams

Students at the Academy have the opportunity to join the boys Basketball team or the girls Volleyball team. Our teams train every week and have been participating in competitions with other CaRE school teams.


Our students have one period a week at the PCYC where they can choose between learning Judo or Gymnastics. These classes are delivered by qualified instructors and students learn correct technique whilst also building self-confidence and resilience.

Community Class

Once a week we have reserved on Fixed Focus period for Community focused classes. Students can choose from a variety of classes focusing on different aspects of community involvement. Some students are looking at littering and cleaning up our local area, others are learning about nutrition and community benefit, while others are focusing on using STEM skills to solve community issues. By having a set time where students are focused on developing community awareness, we are equipping our students with the skills to become valued members of their community.

Physical Class

In addition to our compulsory Physical Education class and the options of various other sporting classes we reserve one period a week for physical and movement classes. Students can choose from a range of classes aimed at different levels of physical ability. From walking club to Zumba, yoga or circuit training the students have plenty of options to choose from.

Making Contact

For more information, please contact our Academy on (08) 6350 1872 or info@communicare.wa.edu.au.